Intergraph Corporation

Intergraph Corporation is a developer of design & photo software and internet tools. The current developer portfolio contains 238 programs. The most popular software is ERDAS Foundation with 35 installations on Windows PC.

Best software by Intergraph Corporation

ERDAS Foundation
It is a pre-requisite that installs common-use large files and utilities...
GeoMedia Professional
This program supplies all the functionality of GeoMedia and adds smart tools.
SmartPlant® FreeView
It allows you to open 3D models (VUE files) for display and navigation.

Popular programs by Intergraph Corporation

ERDAS ER Mapper 2013
It provides advanced image processing and compression capabilities.
ERDAS ViewFinder
It's a viewer for quickly displaying a variety of geographic imagery.
GeoMedia Viewer
Easy to use, FREE GIS software.
ERDAS ECW JPEG 2000 Plug-in for Internet Explorer
It allows aerial photography to be streamed over the Internet into your browser.
CADWorx DraftPro
It is a neat, intelligent AutoCAD®-based 2D plant design and layout solution.

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